This Cruel Light

(Trigger warning)

Red heat searing through her plunged depths, pillaged treasure

He sits outside and flicks to the weather….

She cries and bats about, surely they know, surely they hear surely they care they’re coming, they’re coming, they’re….

He checks the listings. 7.30. The Voice.

Her covers torn, her body bruised, the streams coursing hot across her face

The lazyboy clicks back a notch.

She screams…

His eyes flicker, and up the volume goes.

She grabs whatever’s closest and flings it in rage, waves of shame pulsating through space, the floor shakes with fury…

Young one likes this likes that tags shares pokes and adds adds adze.

Her wild eyes, her primal cries, her shaking, hewn thighs.

She’s right there.

Channel 63. National Geographic. The Wonders of the World. He settles down in awe.

She’s right there.

Clickety clickety click click. Save the amazon, click, fight domestic violence, click, stop bullying, click, bring Bieber to Auckland click, Ice challenge click, go the warriors click, save the Maui dolphin click, BeyoncĂ© all day err day, click, he walked out on stage what happened next will click, no more fracking, click click click….

She’s right there.

Her doleful gaze fixed to the ceiling.

Save me sky. Fall back down upon me.

Close me down.

Return me to a thousand warm, dark, swirling nights.

This cruel light, oh lover’s harm, oh indolent child.

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