TUIA250 Are Narcissistic Abusers


Unsurprisingly, the return of the Endeavour has been the centerpiece in the TUIA250 Cook celebrations. The protests have thus far been effective enough to raise awareness and expand the conversation, but of course not halt the multimillion dollar juggernaut. Naturally, those who are profiting extreme amounts from the exercise are quick to defend it, to present it as a unifying, beneficial, culturally rich affair. The most common retorts to the protests are that we either don’t understand, or are too selfish to see, the “bigger picture” of how beneficial TUIA250 really is. In fact if you look at their behaviour overall, there are some hallmarks that align very closely with that of a narcissist abuser. I’m raising this because like interpersonal relationships, there is often confusion, a lack of clarity and awareness around whether or not we are being abused. Sometimes it takes a friend to point out the languaging and behaviour that is abuse.

Hello friend.


Your partner doesn’t have to exhibit all of these traits in order to be a narcissistic abuser – but if they are experiencing some/most of them, you should probably, at the very least, tread with caution, but better yet consider leaving.

As you can see, though – TUIA250 comfortably exhibits all of them.

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