March Weigh In!

feb weigh in

YUSSSS a significant difference! 😀

26 grams. Consisting largely of a plastic box-casing I found that was wrapped around a couple of japanese sushi bowls and chopsticks that was sitting in the bookcase (it really looked like a book when I bought it however long ago).

ANYWAYS – what I’m most happy about is that it really only consisted of a few things this month:

A couple of plastic bags that I found in a spring clean.
An old synthetic flower that once belonged on a hairclip (also found in the cleanup)
a phonecharge cord that died on me
the plastic case for the new phone charge cord
a paracetamol sleeve
the plastic bladder of one of my major weaknesses of all my days – Kewpie Mayonnaise (purchased last year – byebye kewpie addiction).

I am SO getting there!!! 😀

Awesome morning meeting with the very cool local councillor Meredith Akuhata-Brown and eco-comrade Ness regarding our plan to make our town plastic bag free.
We’ve started to gather public feedback, and initial signs are that it’s supportive. Our town SHOULD be green leaders in this cause – we rely so heavily on our natural resources – but we have twice the national average of plastic in our wastestream.
So phase one really is – getting the word out there, scoping support, beat the feet on the street with some petitions, draft a submission for our environment committe, get a questionnaire out there, and start engaging with some schools.

LOTS to do really – but absolutely do-able – so… just keep swimming.

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