Plastic Bag Ban in Bali

Less than a day after that last post and I’ve come across a petition for the ban of plastic bags in Bali!
Here is a great write up, along with some shocking pictures of the pollution I was referring to in last night’s blog post

Young Balinese surfer Sonny Perrussel and his friends are calling for a more permanent solution. “It’s just disgusting and really sad,” Perrussel said. “It’s really bad for surfing because it smells and your skin gets oily.” Sick of surfing in the foul water, they started an online petition to ban the use, sale, and production of plastic bags on the island of Bali. Luckily, Governor Pastika promised the boys that if they obtained one million signatures, he would honor their plea.

Word has gotten out, and the petition has gained more than 20,000 signatures in the last few days. Currently, it has just over 38,000 names, still far from the million needed.

Let’s help them get to 1,000,000! Here is the petition:

Please sign and share!

Thanks Plastic Is A Drug for the heads up on this!

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7 thoughts on “Plastic Bag Ban in Bali”

    1. Their high population density, high tourism traffic, and small land mass have all contributed to it. We have a larger landmass and smaller population, but unfortunately in spite of that, we’re also throwing away faster than we can sustain it and if something isn’t done we’re headed down the same path, I’m afraid. :-/

  1. The petition is a good idea and it’s great that the Governor is listening. But why does he need a million signatures? Can he not just ban plastic bags because it is the right thing to do for his country?

    1. I absolutely agree, Caroline – and arguably the international attention that the petition is gathering, and the resulting damage to Bali’s profile, could make him wish he had just gone ahead and banned them in the first place. It made me wonder if he gave that number to them thinking they would never be able to achieve it… which is all the more reason to promote the heck out of that story AS WELL AS the petition itself – to increase the pressure as well as his accountability to his word.

      If only every government could see the sense in banning plastic bags for the good of their country and the planet… It’s a dang shame that we have to collect signatures to PROVE to our local councils or state or national governments that it’s in their best interests. But that’s the fight we’re fighting. 🙂

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