Almond Milk

This is SERIOUSLY so easy peasy almond squeezy I don’t know why more don’t do it.

Almond milk from the store costs about $6-7 a litre (and of course has a plastic cap and creates greenhouse emissions through mass production).
This will cost less than half that.

Are you ready for the ingredient list?

2 cups of raw natural almonds, soaked overnight and drained
4 cups of water

Thats it.


Just add the soaked almonds and water to the blender and blend blend blend


Then push through a stocking or cheesecloth


It’s quite rich and thick at this point, you can add at least half as much water again as you like, (just add to taste) in order to bulk it up.


Et voila! you have your delicious, unprocessed, environmentally friendly and HEALTHY almond milk.

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    1. Hi Bunny (cool name) – mine has lasted about 4 days – after that it gets a bit lumpy and starts to sour. It freezes fine if you freeze it within the first day or two. 🙂

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