Almond Butter and Banana Ice Cream

Ok so I found this on the “Eat lean, Train mean, Live Green” page on facebook –

And it really is about as simple as the pic suggests – you just put your almonds in the blender (I roasted mine at 220C for 5 mins beforehand but you don’t have to if you prefer them raw) – then you just pop them in the blender and you’re away. đŸ˜€ You have to be very patient it takes a while for them to get to paste stage – Mine took about 10mins or so, and you have to keep stopping it to scrape the nut grinds down from the sides. BUT IT DOES get there and you don’t have to add extra oil or anything.

Then blend your frozen banana with a teaspoon of the almond butter in there… then add the almond butter in spoon by spoon til you have the consistency and taste that you want.

I added in strawberries and then ate it with a squeeze of maple syrup.

Toes clenched.

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