Ain’t youse fucked yet?
What… you frigid? You a Mary?…
~flick flick~ Page three….oh lookee…
Best get widdit, girl
‘Cause ur man won’t wait
If he don’t know it might be on tonight
Your soldier just might
get snapped by another Queen,
He be known to carry big things, if you know what I mean….

What chu weigh today, girl?
Best get busy if you wanna be the one in his eyes…
from the finely plucked brow to the gap in your thighs,
Imma be Bella Jumpin rides with random guys…
Imma be the flyest chick, so fly…

Oh emm gee, that is so fucken gay,
That faggot Carson made everyone stay behind after class,
bet he likes it up the ass…
And all ’cause Katie kissed Jules, at school, broke the rules,
Guess he didn’t get the memo,
Lezzy kisses are hawt,
Cause they turn on all the guys, doncha know.

Who you tryin to be? Stand out? Bitch please…
Gonna getcha rude boy, gonna give it up?
Gonna give it to him baby like boom boom boom
Tryin to get a line in the bathroom
Shakin it like we at a strip club, witcha big butts
Cause you know we can’t stop.
And yeah you know you want it but you a good girl
The way you grab me you must WANNA get nasty…
And you know we hate them blurred lines….

Ugh what’s she crying for though?
Did you see what she was wearing?
She was asking for it…
Everyone on facebook says so.
When that nigga cruised down in his ‘lac
Interior suicide wrist red
“Cheat on your man, that’s how you get ahizzead”
Thanks Pharrell for teaching our girls how to pop it like it’s hot.

But seriously ummm…
Do you know what it means when I miss my thing?
You know… my THING… my mmphly… my RAG…
OHHH GROSS – SHAME-O! Don’t you already know!!??
Pfft YES, my mum told me ages ago….
I just wanted to see if YOU know.

Do WE know?
What they hear when we say nothing
When we fail to seize the day and balance out what the media say
Better be a ho than a hoha, bae.
We could plant seeds of POWER
Dear child, you are a WILDLING
Your heart stirs hot tears because you FEEL
Just as a healthy woman feels
Your center sheds blood every month
as the mark of the GODDESS, and within you she resides
Na Hineteiwaiwa koe i whakatapu!
Hold your head high,
and stride in the grace of all you carry
Because you are NEVER more beautiful
than when you feel it inside.

The task lies with us to teach against the tide
of all that batters at their pride
To call the bullshit and cast it aside
To lift their head, and claim their throne
As The Maiden, and then The Mother, and then The Crone.

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